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fertilizer in just 120 days

AMS · Compostable bags can become organic fertilizer after approximately 120 days or less when an appropriate compost treatment is given, at home or by professional-municipal composting facilities.

Certified by highest-world standards

Our products are certified to the highest compostable standards:

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ASTM D6400
ASTM D6868

Is the standard specification for biodegradable plastics used as coatings on paper and other compostable substrates.

EN 13432
EN 14995

Is the certification organization of the TÜV Rhineland Group (German Technical Inspection Agency) and DIN, the German Standards Institute. It shows the conformity of products and services with the European composting standard. EN 13432 (for packaging) or EN 14995 (for plastic materials in general).

ISO 17088

This standard specifies the procedures and requirements for the identification and labeling of plastics and products made of plastic, which are suitable for recovery through aerobic composting.

21 CFR 177.2420

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the United States government agency responsible for the regulation of biological products. Our products are approved under their 21 CFR 177.2420 standard - Resin and Polymeric Coatings.


It is the certification mark (logo) of the compostable scheme.

Ok compost

It denotes the Vinçotte certification that considers a product as "compostable at home". Vinçotte is a Belgian accredited inspection and certification organization.
We are one of the only few companies in the world that have this certification of domestic composting based on the European standard EN 13432.

Principal certifier of compostable products for USA and Canada. Its strict certification program guarantees that products and packaging that display the BPI logo have been tested and verified independently according to scientifically based standards.

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