AMS Compostable Hot Drinks Cups

High translucent compostable lid for hot drinks – 1000 / Case

High translucent compostable lid designed to fit most paper cups, this versatile lid is the perfect solution for hot beverages adjusting to 8,10,12,16,20 oz. cups. With a built-in elevated platform that manages the content to move, your customers will appreciate this innovative free-spills AMS Compostable lid which offers them a convenient way to enjoy their favorite drinks while traveling. The lid is compostable, so it can decompose naturally without damaging the environment once used.

8oz3 1/4 Inches0.09ozYesPLASip Through LidRound50-ct bag – 1000/Case
10,12,16,20oz3 5/8 Inches0.12ozYesPLASip Through LidRound50-ct bag – 1000/Case
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