Compostable bags

Multipurpose Compostable bag (Star Seal)

Compostable bags are the perfect solution for the latitudes where traditional plastic bags have been banned.

Compostable bags – AMS Multipurpose compostable star sealed bags provide perfect weight distribution and leak resistance. These bags meet the standards for composting in a professional installation, as well at home composting. They can be used for different functions including the collection of all types of waste and you will be doing your part to protect the environment by reducing pollution and waste in landfills.

Model Capacity
Dimensions Thickness Carton Packaging MOQ(Case)
AMS-CMU-3 3 1FT 5IN X 1FT 6
-4/8 IN
0.8Mil 25-ct/roll -50rolls/case 125
AMS-CMU-13 13 2FT x 2FT 7
-4/8 IN
0.8Mil 10-ct/roll -50rolls/case 125
AMS-CMU-35 35 3FT 1IN x 3FT 9
-2/8 IN
1.0Mil 5-ct/roll -32rolls/case 125