Compostable Straws

Unwrapped Compostable straw / Clear Color
2000 / Case

Compostable Straws - PLA Plant-based Straws are made from compostable material and have the same performance standards as regular straws.

Unwrapped Compostable straw plant-based will biodegrade in less than 180 days instead of the plastic straws that remain in the environment for hundreds of years.  Whether they are used in restaurants, coffeehouses or bars, your customers will appreciate your environmental awareness and the effort to reduce your carbon footprint without neglecting their convenience.

Diameter 0.236 Inches (2/8”)
Lenght 7 7/8 Inches
Color Natural
Style Standard
Eco-Friendly Yes
Material PLA
Size Jumbo
Estilo Sip Straw
Type Straw
Wrapped No
Packaging 100-ct bag 2000/Case