Your brand in experienced hands!

At AMS · COMPOSTABLE we value your brand! All our bags are certified under the American Society for Testing and Materials standards, FDA, OK HOME COMPOST, BIODEGRADABLE PRODUCTS INSTITUTE and more.

We understand your brand is a mark that allows you to identify and distinguish yourself. That is why we work together to print your unique design on your compostable bags. You can choose between:

color beige



Different designs: die cut handle, loop patched, top wave, flat top roll, maximum ink coverage (all colors) variety of thickness in microns and different weight support.

If you do not have a professional design, our communication and design experts will work with you to stamp your message and unique conception in each bag for FREE!

Our unique compostable bags are certified OK HOME COMPOST. Being able to become organic fertilizer after approximately 120 days or less when an appropriate compost treatment is given, either at home or by professional-municipal composting facilities.

Our extensive portfolio of compostable bags includes, but is not limited to:

Compostable bags for garden waste and kitchen waste

Compostable bags for kitchen waste with a lemon scent

Compostable bags for retail goods (Retail)

Compostable bags for retail merchandise in rolls (Retail)

Compostable bags for retail goods with lemon scent

Compostable bags for cutlery sets

Compostable bags for cutlery set with lemon scent

Compostable bags for dog poop waste

Compostable bags for dog poop waste with lemon scent

Compostable disposable gloves

Compostable disposable gloves with lemon scent

21 CFR 177.2420

AMS Compostable products also comply with the FDA certification. The Food and Drug Administration is a Federal Agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services that is responsible to protect public health by guaranteeing the safety and efficacy of human and veterinary medicines, biological products and medical devices in United States of America.

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