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Partnered with United Nations Development Programme, we endeavor to convert specific latitudes in Plastic Free Zones by 2021.
AMS·Compostable bags are certified under the American Society for Testing and Materials standards: ASTM D6400 – D6868. Content as bio-based material bags; our plastic material is assured as biological vegetable organic material coming from a renewable source.
Disposed off correctly, AMS compostable plastic can have a minimal impact on the planet and can be re-integrated into soil within weeks or months. The lowes impact of disposal is achieved by sending the plastic to your local industrial composting facility; where it can undergo biodegradation; or if you are a garden lover to put them in your home composting bins, where it will deteriorate quickly and disappear becoming organic fertilizer.
We are continually peering with governments and private organizations who seek to improve the responsibility of plastic consumption as a mechanism to protect the environment and therefore ourselves.

Our Mission: Manufacture and distribute compostable plastic bags made with 100% natural organic materials, promoting responsible consumption of plastic and aligned with green and sustainable economies.


Our Vision: To remain as a leader who is driving the change from harmful plastic to new green ways of living, continuously expanding our offer of biodegradable, compostable and environmentally friendly products.

AMS Bags are made of organic raw material:

WITHOUT Polypropylene

WITHOUT Polyethylene

WITHOUT Polystyrene

Certified by highest-world quality standards

Our products are certified to the highest compostable standards:

ASTM D6400
ASTM D6868

EN 13432
EN 14995

ISO 17088

21 CFR 177.2420




At AMS · COMPOSTABLE, we ensure the scientific quality of our bags through accredited international organizations that guarantee COMPOSTABLE QUALITY.

BPI is the main certifier of compostable products and containers in North America. Its strict certification program ensures that products and packaging that display the BPI logo have been tested and verified independently according to science-based standards. AMS · COMPOSTABLE is guaranteed and endorsed by the maximum compostable regulator in the USA. BPI certificate # 10528831.

United Nations Partner
Plastic Free Zone 2021