AMS Compostable

AMS • GSG is a worldwide manufacturer specialized in natural bagasse food containers.

With over 10 production plants, AMS group is equipped with 300 advanced automatic forming machines, and a production department of more than 1000 employees, guaranteeing a monthly capacity that exceeds 2000 tons of compostable bagasse containers which are exported to over 60 countries.

As a leading manufacturer of compostable takeout food containers, AMS • GSG uses only high-quality raw materials that guarantee compostable disposable bagasse containers with anti-spill, microwave and freezer-safe technology. His extensive experience in the manufacture of molds, is an added value for scale-customers who seek to design and customize their own products.

AMS • GSG is committed to providing a sustainable alternative solution to the plastic tableware and works with innovative products that are environmentally friendly, toxic free and assured to have the same performance as the ones they plan to replace.

AMS Compostable bagasse containers are so organic that in the worst result of wasting them in the environment, the containers will disappear as organic matter without leaving toxins in the environment.

AMS • GSG’s biodegradable sugarcane-based tableware is produced from the pulp of sugarcane bagasse. Its eco-friendly portfolio includes round plate, square plate, plate with 3 divisions, sugarcane bagasse containers, sugarcane bagasse trays, 100% Compostable Clamshell hamburger box and 8X8″, 9X9” Heavy-Duty Quality to go Containers between others.

AMS • GSG offers private label manufacturing,or access to the distribution of their premium brand AMS • COMPOSTABLE

Join the leader and expand your business with all Natural Disposable Bagasse, Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Made of Sugar Cane Fibers Products.

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