AMS Compostable

AMS•COMPOSTABLE decided to consolidate operations for the U.S Market in TEXAS


Since 2014, AMS•COMPOSTABLE has been a strategic ally of the United Nations and its PLASTIC-FREE ZONE program. As of today, it has renowned strategic partners in Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Chile. Its support in the replacement of plastics has been notorious and now, its desire is to supply the American market with authentic compostable products, that are free of plastic and polystyrene (foam), such as its sugar cane fiber containers, corn starch bags, and its essentials cups and cutlery made of vegetable polymers.

Why The Lone Star State? Because it has consistently ranked among the nation’s leading contenders for GDP growth in recent years. The $1.9 trillion Texas economy is one of the Top 10 -largest in the world, and the last quarter of 2021 realized a 10.1 percent uptick in the annual rate growth of the real gross domestic product. This has repercussions on consumption and therefore on the amount of waste generated, hence the interest in solving this environmental problem.

Plastic is one of the most persistent pollutants on Earth. It’s made to last – and it does, often for 400 years or more. And at every step in its lifecycle, even long after it has been discarded, plastic creates greenhouse gas emissions that are contributing to the warming of our world. By 2050 when plastic production is expected to have tripled, it will be responsible for up to 13% of our planet’s total carbon budget – on a par with what 615 power stations emit.

Reducing plastic use and waste is a key component of AMS•COMPOSTABLE’s work. We are committed to working with our supporters, corporate partners, and industry bodies to replace plastic and limit its environmental impact. It is critical if we are to curb greenhouse gas

emissions that are exacerbating climate change and protect our marine environments. Even though we believe that we can do a lot to reuse the plastics we produce, it is no longer enough.

It’s time to eradicate single-use plastic and start reimagining a greener future, where authentic sustainable products are part of a circular economy.

Thanks to this new AMS•COMPOSTABLE satellite, there will now be organic, eco-friendly, and sustainable solutions to replace plastic in Texas and surrounding states.

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