AMS Compostable

AMS•COMPOSTABLE Expands Operations to Texas, Focusing on the U.S. Market

AMS•COMPOSTABLE, a leader in compostable products, has made the strategic decision to consolidate operations in Texas, a diverse and thriving state.

With a strong commitment to sustainability, AMS•COMPOSTABLE has been a valued ally of the United Nations Plastic-Free Zone program since 2014. The company has already established partnerships in various countries, including Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Chile. By supplying authentic compostable products, free from plastic and polystyrene, such as sugar cane fiber containers, corn starch bags, and plant-based polymer cups and cutlery, AMS•COMPOSTABLE aims to fulfill the demand in the American market.

Texas has been selected as the ideal location for this expansion due to its consistent position as a leading contender for GDP growth in recent years. With a formidable $1.9 trillion economy, ranking among the top ten in the world, Texas experienced a notable 10.1 percent increase in the annual rate growth of its real gross domestic product in the last quarter of 2021. This economic growth has direct implications for consumption and waste generation, making it even more crucial to address environmental challenges.

The persistence and environmental impact of plastic cannot be overlooked. Designed to be long-lasting, plastic can persist in the environment for over 400 years and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions throughout its lifecycle. By 2050, it is projected that plastic production will triple, potentially accounting for up to 13% of the planet’s total carbon budget, equivalent to the emissions of 615 power stations.

In response to these pressing challenges, AMS•COMPOSTABLE is dedicated to reducing plastic use and waste. By collaborating with supporters, corporate partners, and industry organizations, AMS•COMPOSTABLE aims to replace plastic and mitigate its environmental impact. This commitment is essential not only to combat climate change and protect our marine ecosystems but also to foster a circular economy.

The establishment of the AMS•COMPOSTABLE satellite in Texas signifies a significant milestone in providing organic, eco-friendly, and sustainable alternatives to plastic not only in Texas but also in neighboring states. Together, we can envision a greener future where genuine sustainable products thrive and single-use plastic becomes a thing of the past.

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