Clear Cold Cups

Compostable Cold Cups – Crystal-clear finish or printed – 1000 / Case

Compostable cold cup – Manufactured in a premium quality thickness this innovative PLA green-cup is the perfect solution for your customer beverage needs. Available in 12.16.20 oz. It can be customizable to showcase your customer brand, creating an exclusive-customized cup for them.

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Transparent flat compostable lid for cold drinks with straw slot – 1000 / Case

Lid for cold drinks is the ecological solution for your customers to go drinks. This lid has a slot for straw and fits perfectly to eliminate any spills and drips from your go!

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Compostable Dome Lid with Hole – 1000 / Case

Dome Compostable Lid – From delicious fruit to creamy smoothies, sundaes, milkshakes and a variety of other cold drinks, this transparent dome lid is the way to top off your beverages. An indispensable addition to any kiosk, food stall, coffee shop, fast food restaurant or takeaway establishment. The wide hole in the top of this lid accommodates a variety of straws and mixing devices to comfortably enjoy the beverage.

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