Daily Essentials

Unwrapped Compostable straw / Clear Color
2000 / Case

Unwrapped Compostable straw plant-based will biodegrade in less than 180 days instead of the plastic straws that remain in the environment for hundreds of years. Whether they are used in restaurants, coffeehouses or bars, your customers will appreciate your environmental awareness and the effort to reduce your carbon footprint without neglecting their convenience.

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Wrapped Compostable straw / Clear Color
2000 / Case

Wrapped Compostable straw with individual wrapping are perfect for take-out and deliveries. It is also a perfect solution for places where straws are placed on standalone self-service food kiosks . In both cases, these wrapped compostable straws provide customers with a clean and conscious drinking experience.

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Unwrapped Compostable Stirrer for hot and cold beverages – 3000 / Case

Thrive sustainability and excellent service with this Eco-friendly stirrer. In flat or spoon design, white or black color, this organic stirrer is the way to go to mix coffee or tea, add cream or sugar or simple remove your favorite hot or cold drink to perfection.

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Compostable forks
Compostable knives
Compostable Spoons

High Grade Compostable Fork, Spoon and Knife Line – 1000 / Case

Compostable utensils are an ideal alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastic utensils, our line of forks, spoons and knives are made of PLA, an organic plant-based plastic that is formed with renewable resources to minimize environmental impact but maintains the same resistance and versatility.

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