AMS Compostable


Panamanian Supermarket Leader Chain takes AMS COMPOSTABLE to supply new plant-based bags in all its stores

The largest food retail platform in Panama and today, the leading brand in the entire Panama food industry; GRUPO REY, choose AMS COMPOSTABLE as its strategic ally.

In accordance with its commitment to the country and the plastic ban policy, Grupo Rey chose AMS COMPOSTABLE as the strategic ally that will provide its customers with new and innovative plant-based bags; 100% plastic free, biodegradable and compostable.

Since its inception, Grupo Rey has been a pioneer in its sector and stands out for being the most innovative chain in the market and the one that has led the changes in the sector, being recognized in the ranking of companies with the best corporate reputation in Panama.

The care of the environment and the mission of improving the quality of life as a prioritized axis of both Grupo Rey, and AMS COMPOSTABLE, gave fruit to this new alliance, which seeks to generate opportunities for well-being and progress that impact on a virtuous circle with the environment and society.

AMS COMPOSTABLE appreciates the trust granted by Grupo Rey, to provide the innovation of biodegradable, compostable and cutting-edge products in green technology; which rise to provide a better future for this and the new generations.

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