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Interested in competing in a $ 4.2USD-B industry? We are a leading manufacturer for compostable disposables.

  • AMS Global Suppliers Group is the leading manufacturer of compostable food service disposables under the FCL model (Massive-Wholesale)

The world’s leading manufacturer of compostable disposables, AMS Global Suppliers Group (GSG) is the best alternative for those companies or organizations interested in buying more environmentally friendly supplies in bulk.

The company offers the best price and the best quality in compostable products in the market, with a business model based on exclusive wholesale sales, that is, per container, under the minimum order quantity of a Full Container Load (FCL) .

By purchasing supplies per container, companies can guarantee a better cost for their investment, without sacrificing the quality that characterizes AMS GSG, in any of its current product lines, which include three compostable factories -each one specialized in a category- (compostable essentials based on polylactic acid (PLA), compostable packaging or containers made from sugarcane bagasse fiber (take away packaging – SCB); and durable compostable bags based on vegetable starch (compostable bags – DCB).

In addition, AMS GSG provides the private label manufacturing service, making available its experience, skill and long-standing knowledge as a leader in the compostable disposable industry. Both the products and the labeling service are marketed under the same MOQ, which provides more ease and guarantees a space at the table of the compostable economy; an industry that is expected to reach $ 4.2 billion (USD $ 4.2B) by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 13.3% from 2020 to 2021.

Purchase authentic compostables by container with best price in USA, thanks to AMS GSG. If your company is interested in buying the best compostable disposables in US, it is important that you know the details for acquiring your containers with AMS GSG.

AMS GSG has tiered prices in 1, 3, 6 and 12 containers (40 HQ), the cost of freight is additional and the incoterm is always FOB ASIA. Additionally, the MOQ is 1 * 40HQ FCL per category (PLA SCB DCB) *, and the categories cannot be mixed in the same container.

The manufacturer has confidentiality contracts for the creation of private label and has satisfied customers with the purchase by container of its compostable disposables worldwide

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    Ronen Riclis

    Hi We will be happy to know if you are interested in exporting your range of products to Israel

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