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AMS GSG implements LEAN manufacturing to reduce costs in the manufacture of compostable products

The leading manufacturer of compostable disposables worldwide, AMS Global Suppliers Group (AMS-GSG) opted for the recognized manufacturing method known as LEAN, which allows it to reduce the costs of its products, while adding value to the end customer.

This manufacturing trend, which was born in the 1940s, by the hand of the Toyota Production System, is based on the principle of optimizing all manufacturing processes and product manufacturing, in order to eliminate waste, unnecessary steps , reduce errors and, therefore, increase the productivity and efficiency of companies.

In the case of AMS GSG, the company has adopted this working method for the production of all its manufacturing lines for compostable disposables; from the line of essential compostables based on polylactic acid (PLA) to the sugarcane bagasse containers (SCB). and durable compostable bags made from vegetable starch (DCB).

With a focus on the customer, agility, quality and value of the final product, this way of manufacturing requires a strong commitment to innovation, which is perfectly aligned with AMS GSG’s philosophy and its vision of always maintaining its leadership in the market.

In accordance with the principles of LEAN manufacturing, AMS GSG constantly works on the review of aspects such as transportation, inventories and procurement of raw materials, waiting times, overproduction, excessive processing and the culture of innovation in the manufacturing of its compostable disposable products, improving not only its internal results, but also what is offered to the customer.

In fact, the manufacturing that distinguishes AMS GSG not only benefits the company itself but, above all, translates into benefits for its customers. By betting on this intelligent and effective productivity, those who buy AMS GSG products not only have the quality guarantee that distinguishes this company, but they also receive the best product at the lowest cost in the market, since unnecessary processes have been eliminated in its manufacture.

The Lean manufacturing employed by AMS GSG allows the company today to emerge as a success story in the biodegradable disposable industry.

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